Wool Dryer Balls Healthy Dryer Sheet Replacement

multi colored dryer balls

Wool Dryer Balls are the healthiest replacement for chemical-filled dryer sheets.

Did you know that dryer sheets are FULL of chemicals? Yes, they smell good, but they are also totally unhealthy. They contain chemicals such as: Alpha-Terpineol, Benzyl Alcohol, Camphor, Chloroform, Ethyl Acetate, Linalool, and Pentane. Do you know (or can you even pronounce) any of these things? Several of them are on the EPA’s hazardous waste list and all of them are known to cause health issues. Why subject your family to these chemicals? We’re not total hippies at Shabby Alpaca, but we sure do like to be informed and this information is enough to cause us to ditch dryer sheets for good!

Think about it, all those chemicals end up on your clothes, which you wear on your body. The health risk is just not worth it.


The best alternative to dryer sheets is wool dryer balls, which replace dryer sheets forever. Dryer balls literally never wear out. They are created using natural wool and are tightly felted in a way that ensures that the wool core lasts for years (unless your dog gets it, in which case we can’t guarantee anything).

One of Shabby’s best selling products is our wool dryer balls. You can buy dryer balls in lots of places, but if you like form and function, then you need our dryer balls. We add an extra layer of felted wool goodness to create beautiful and artistic dryer balls. Some people even buy them for decor because they are so lovely to look at.

Here are just some of the benefits of using wool dryer balls: they soften clothes, reduce drying time, help reduce wrinkles, are plastic and chemical free, quiet in the dryer, and they save energy.

So whether you are a total hippy or just don’t like nasty chemicals, then dryer balls are for you! Order yours today and ditch your dryer sheets for good.


Here are a couple of links for further reading on the dangers of dryer sheets.






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