Wool Dryer Balls and Essential Oils for All Natural Laundry

essential oils

Wool dryer balls and essential oils are all you need for an all- natural laundry regimen!

wool dryer balls

I actually love doing laundry. I love the warmth of the dryer and fresh dried clothes on a cold day, the feeling of accomplishment when it is all done and the smell. Oh, the smell of freshly cleaned laundry! Isn’t it wonderful?

The bad news is that usually that smell is produced by dozens of chemicals found in fabric softener and laundry detergents. So, how can we have laundry that smells amazing without all the chemicals?

The answer is simple: wool dryer balls and essential oils.

essential oils

I’ve blogged before about the wonders of wool dryer balls, but some things are good enough to write about again. To sum up the benefits of wool dryer balls, I’ll say this about wool dryer balls:

  • Eco Friendly
  • Soften Clothes
  • Reduce Drying Time
  • Save Energy
  • Plastic & Chemical Free
  • Help Reduce Wrinkles
  • Last for Years
  • Lift and separate clothes allowing air to circulate reducing drying time by 10-25%
  • Replaces unhealthy dryer sheets forever!

So now we know that using dryer balls is a healthy alternative to dryer sheets, but how do we get that great smell? All you need is essential oils! Adding essential oils to your dryer balls allows you to customize your laundry scent with each and every load. Simply add a few drops to each ball for great, fresh smelling laundry. Personally, I love Young Living and Doterra oils, but they are expensive and I really don’t recommend using them to scent your laundry. In this case, it’s OK to buy the less expensive oils.

Our favorite essential oils for laundry are Lavender for bedding and clothes, Orange and Lemon for kitchen towels and Tea Tree for when anyone has any hint of sickness. Tea Tree oil does not smell amazing, but it has anti-bacterial properties that we need when someone has a cold or the flu!

Shabby will soon be offering Wool Dryer Balls +Essential Oil Kits for purchase. As we’ve said, dryer balls are best in multiples and the more you have, the more thorough of a job they will do. So our kits will have 3-5 balls and 1 or 2 oils. We’ll make it easy for you to get started on your all-natural laundry regimen.


wool dryer balls and essential oils

For now, you can purchase our hand-dyed dryer balls or our natural white and gray balls on our website.


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