Hand Weavers of Peru: Creating Heirlooms

Weavers of Peru

While in Peru we saw many women who were doing hand weaving. It was absolutely fascinating!

The weavers of Peru is not an organization, a group or an affiliate- it is the beautiful people honoring the tradition of hand weaving. You may have encountered someone hand weaving at an alpaca show or at the state fair, but you’ve probably never met anyone who is a ‘weaver’ for a living. It’s a dying practice and it requires commitment and a high level of artistic talent to finish something that may take hours, weeks or years to complete.

We loved meeting this lady, who would not be talked down from her price for that beautiful scarf. She knew her worth! Her lovely handwoven scarf/table runner/wall decor is available on our site.


weavers of peru


We visited the Center for Traditional Textiles  in Cusco and learned that some of the weavings take a YEAR to complete and some require a cooperative effort. See the video below where the two women work together to create a large blanket. The weavers of Peru at this center have all of their patterns memorized. They have no form that reminds them which thread goes where. They just know. You can read a little more about this center in our article about the colors of Peru.

weavers of Peru

We saw weavers demonstrating their talent everywhere we turned: in the market, in the city center and at small shops around Peru.

weavers of peru

We even saw that llama bones- yes BONES- can be used as weaving tools. While it seems primitive, the fact is that in Peru there are many llamas and the goal is to use every part of something until it is all used up. The weavers of Peru- they know this.


Here are a few of the beautiful items we purchased from the Center for Traditional Textiles. These one of a kind items all available on our website at www.shabbyalpaca.com[/fusion_text]





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