Uniquely Curated Alpaca Goods

One of the things that we at Shabby Alpaca take pride in is our uniquely curated alpaca goods.

As a team, Chris and I (Celina), LOVE to shop for alpaca goods that we know you will love. We strive to make people smile, laugh or be surprised at what they find in our booth. However, we have one major filter for our selection of goods that you probably won’t find in other boutiques: Alpaca. About 90% of our inventory is either made of alpaca or alpaca-themed.  Some are both! Like these cute yarn alpacas. They are produced with alpaca yarn AND they are alpacas! —>

As you already know, we love alpacas. And we love products made with alpaca. Alpaca fiber is amazing and luxurious. It is soft, warm without being weighty, quick drying and many people who cannot tolerate wearing wool can wear alpaca. We’ve already told you about our favorite alpaca socks and why we love them. Alpaca goods give us all the good feelings.

Our drawers and closets are full of alpaca clothing. Our homes are full of warm and lovely alpaca blankets and throws and we’ve all got an alpaca pillow of some kind bringing us joy every time we use it. If you get a gift from one of us, it’s likely to be made of alpaca.

Anyway- alpaca goods. Many of our goods are produced in Peru because that is the alpaca’s native land.  However, when purchasing from Peru, we attempt to do so responsibly- with the workers in mind. We try to work with manufacturers who can tell us about how goods are produced and who produces them. Working internationally is challenging, but we work to be responsible. However, we often seek out goods that are made in the USA. We love USA Made goods and we strive to support the USA economy.

Our inventory at Shabby is always changing. This makes maintaining our website difficult because we deal in small batches. We’re a small operation, so we don’t order 200 of an item. We order 20, because we know two things: 1. Our Shabby customers don’t want garments and accessories everyone else has and 2. We can’t call ourselves ‘curators’ if we order in bulk. Our website reflects our All Time Best Sellers. And if you see something on our “The Goods” page that you love, we can always ship that to you through our online sales system. Additionally, if you see something at a show and don’t buy it when you see it, but decide you need it (we assure you, you do!) you can always email us and if the item is in stock, we will ship it out to you!


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