Surprises of Peru by Chris G. Part 1

surprises of peru


I’m sure you know by now that even though there are two of us who make up Shabby Alpaca, I (Celina) am the one who does most of the writing. It’s not because my partner/mom can’t write, it’s because I do. It’s like the seat on the bus is already taken, so she sits in the back….I’ve told her that I want her to write many times, but she doesn’t. I had to take her to Peru to cross something off her bucket list just to get a couple blogs out of her 🙂

My mom has wanted to go to Peru for many, many years and until we went together, I don’t think I realized how important it was to her. I love that I got to experience this dream-come-true and her first trip ever outside of the USA. It was certainly fun to experience these surprises along-side her. I hope you’ll join us for this three part series about the surprises of Peru!


surprises of peru


Now for your enjoyment…. straight from the bucket list of Chris G.—-> The Surprises of Peru

I can’t stop thinking about the surprises of Peru. It was originally supposed to be just checking something off a bucket list. (Incidentally, visiting Peru was the only thing I had on my list- maybe I need to put a few more things on there??).  There is so much I could say about Peru but here are the things that just keep coming back to me. We’ll make this a three-part series so I can be a blog writer.


surprises of peru


The dogs were one of the number one surprises of Peru.

The dogs…are everywhere. As soon as you near a town you see a fantastic amount of mixed breed dogs just walking around. Now it is obvious that they are not the coddled and over- fed dogs we enjoy here in the states. These dogs live either fend for themselves or they live in a pack. These are not vicious dogs they are just dogs. If you go to address them they completely ignore you. They never give you eye contact and give you a wide berth. They have no home, receive no love and just walk around looking for food. I did note that none of them looked emaciated. They all looked half way decent. Many of the dogs may have adopted a neighborhood.  The same dog would patrol the same area. If you saw them once you saw them time and time again in the same area. There was a dog that resembled my dog who hung around our hotel in Macchu Picchu. I saw him frequently but always within a  couple of blocks. If you saw freshly thrown trash it was surrounded by at least 10 dogs. Not fighting for food but just all partaking in rearranging the trash looking for food. This was one of the surprises of Peru- I never expected to see dogs just wandering around.

We stopped at an amazing museum along side the road. This museum had live camelid animals for everyone to enjoy. You would never have known this museum was even there. No signs and covered by walls from the road. This was a very popular museum and there were many buses parked. This little dog that lived there knew that once people were getting in and out of their buses people would see him and feed him. He never begged like my dog does but there was no denying he knew he would get some food scraps. As soon as we were ready to leave, he backed away from our bus and trotted off to a bus that had just parked.

These dogs are feral and receive NO veterinary care. When they are tired they just lay down and go to sleep. People walk around them and all is well in the world. When we were there I saw MANY females being bred by numerous males. One in particular sticks in my head. She was a small dog who kept trying to just sit down for obvious reasons. She was panting and It was obvious that she was exhausted. When she sat the 4 large dogs around her would just wait until she got up. Immediately one would breed her.

As a dog lover, it was all just so sad for me.

The pet industry in the United States 66.75 BILLION dollars were spent in 2016. We coddle our dogs in crazy ways. What if we spent just $500,000 to help the Peruvians address this issue?

surprises of peru

So there is my blog. Can’t wait to see how Celina edits it and what pictures she finds.

*Images courtesy of Cusco Eats and Reach Trade

*Here is another interesting article I found addressing the same issue.

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