Suri Alpaca Stuffed Animals: Hand Curated in Peru

Suri Alpaca Stuffed Animals


Here at Shabby Alpaca, we have carried a beautiful variety of alpaca stuffed animals since we began in 2013. These have been one of our number one selling items for a long time. Our customers love the soft feel and the surprise of their beauty and uniqueness.

While in Peru, we discovered Suri Alpaca Stuffed Animals and we were so excited to add these to our collection.

As a quick background, there are two types of alpacas: Suri and Huacaya. They are the same animal, except they have different fiber. Huacaya are probably the more common type of alpaca and you can recognize a Suri because it sometimes has dreadlocks.

Here are a couple of photos to show you the different looks of the two types of alpacas.


suri alpaca stuffed animals

Suri Alpaca

suri alpaca stuffed animal

Huacaya Alpaca

We have always carried high quality alpaca stuffed animals, but when we discovered the Suri Alpaca Stuffed Animals in Peru, we knew we had to collect some for you. Every one of our Suri Alpaca Stuffed Animals is hand picked by us. These beautiful stuffed animals are soft and cool to the touch. Yes, cool! They have a totally different feel and temperature than our Huacaya stuffed animals.

suri alpaca stuffed animals

The fiber (fur) on our Suri Alpaca Stuffed Animals is much longer and smoother than our Huacaya stuffed animals. These stuffed animals are amazing one of a kind creations that are perfect for any stuffed animal collector, animal lovers, baby shower gifts and for the kid who just can’t stop adding stuffed animals to their collection!

Another way we have seen our customers use our stuffed animals is for therapy. These are excellent for children’s therapy and perfect for anyone who loves sensory input. Holding a Suri Alpaca Stuffed Animal is like holding and petting a live animal except they don’t need any food and you can go on vacation without them (except you might not want to!)

suri alpaca stuffed animals

suri alpaca stuffed animals

I was photographing these beautiful stuffed animals in my friends studio and I had the garage door open when a slight breeze came through. You can see this lovely alpacas fur is gently blowing in the wind. I bet she felt like a model.

Our Suri Alpaca Stuffed Animal collection is extremely limited edition and will sell out! You can order here.

*images courtesy of spring farm alpacas & silken suri

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