Stuffed Alpaca Panda Bear: New Product Alert!

alpaca stuffed panda bear


 Stuffed Alpaca Panda Bear

Update: Sold Out

The other day my mom and I were out shopping and I said to her, “If I were a spinster, I would for sure collect stuffed animals and live cats.”  And we both knew it was true. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve loved stuffed animals. I love the variety, the texture and the huggability of stuffed animals. As for cats, well that is another story.

Anyway, I bring to you one of the stuffed animals I would have in my collection: a Stuffed Alpaca Panda Bear.

stuffed alpaca panda bear

At Shabby, we hand-pick our goods for you and when we saw this stuffed alpaca panda bear, we knew we had to have it for you.

We’ve actually had several discussions about these adorable pandas. I think they look kind of sad and mopey, Chris G thinks they look cute and cuddly. What do you think? Aren’t they just a little sad looking? Whether you agree with me or Chris G,  if you have a depressed friend- this sad panda would make an excellent companion!

alpaca stuffed panda bear

Our unique stuffed alpaca panda bears measure approximately 7″ tall and 11″ from head to tail. He makes a great gift for stuffed animal lovers and panda lovers.

Something I love to do when it comes to gift giving is creating themed gift collections. I can never stop at one gift, so I like to add a little something that goes with the theme I’m after. A Panda themed gift basket for a child or baby could have this Eric Carle book, one of our Stuffed Alpaca Pandas and one of these adorable felted succulent planters! That means even mom and dad get a little something to enjoy.


Finally, what we love about our Stuffed Alpaca Panda Bear and ALL of our Stuffed Alpaca animals is that every single one is a one of a kind creation. They each have a unique expression, fur and personality.

stuffed alpaca panda bear



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