Colorado Snow Day Essentials

snow day essentials

Snow Day Essentials!

This post may be a little late for most of you, but here in Colorado, we get snow until at least May most years.

Personally, I love a good spring snow.  The surprise element keeps us all guessing. I promise you that earlier this week, I was in short sleeves and Birkenstocks. Today, we’re socked in with 6 + inches of snow and counting.

We knew it was coming, so even though I had a few days to prepare, I still had to go to the store for chocolate chips, because that’s how I like to roll.

So even though it is the end of April, I’m sharing my six snow day essentials. Each of these things contributed to the perfection that was today. I have to say, snow days are fun, but snow days on Saturdays are way fun! I love when Andy is home to enjoy the day with us.


  • Reading is my absolute favorite, so a good book (or two or three) is an absolute must. My book stack has a theme right now. My recent trip to France has given me an insatiable curiosity about France, Paris, Joan of Arc, Art and World War II.

snow day essentials


  • A good fire! My husband is a master when it comes to a good fire, so as I said, I really love when snow days are on Saturday! In our current home, we have a wood burning stove and let me tell you, it is LIFE CHANGING! I found this stove online and it is for sure going on my Pinterest board for our new home build coming in the next year or so.



  • Something to bake! We prefer chocolate chip cookies around here and my little helper, Eloise and I made many, many dozen today. We froze some and we’re sharing some with a friend who just had a baby, but we may have eaten a dozen or so ourselves…may have.




  • I shouldn’t have to say this, but of course, you need a Shabby Alpaca hat. Today I went for a walk in the snow and I wore my warmest, fuzziest Shabby hat. The snow kept falling, but I stayed warm the whole time. I even let Eloise borrow a spare Shabby hat and even though she usually gets cold before me, she never complained. I loved walking in the falling snow- in style.



  • Obviously, on a snow day, you’re going to need a good blanket. So that you don’t think I am biased to alpaca only, I’ll be honest and tell you my companion today was my Hygge Life Blanket. I love this blanket. It’s neutral color is perfect and it is so soft. I shared it with the cat today, which worked out good because although it isn’t essential, I do think a cat to cuddle with is a good snow day companion.


  • Finally, an essential for me to have a great snow day is to ignore the mess. In order to fully enjoy a day at home with my family, I need to relax, ignore dirt, dishes and books everywhere. I need to let kids play video games and let them have their friends over and not count screen time. Yes, we read and bake and walk and cuddle the cat, but honestly the fun of a snow day is being able to play with the iPad and watch movies and not have every minute counted. When the day was over, I swept the floors and picked up the snow pants and wet socks, but while we were in it- I didn’t let any of the mess bother me- and I loved it. Every minute.


What is your recipe for a perfect snow day?



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