Thinking of You! Easy to Ship Small Gifts

finger puppets small gift

There are lots of ways to let your loved ones know you are thinking of them, but by far my favorite is to send a small gift in the mail with a handwritten note. In this digital age, a handwritten note small gifthandwritten note is a gift in itself, but sending a small gift alongside makes it even better. I’m not talking about sending a glitter bomb here, that’s reserved for frenemies only. I’m talking about a small token of appreciation which includes your hand-written sentiments.

The problem comes when we figure out that the most wealthy government entity must be the post office because shipping heavy things or things far away is EXPENSIVE! Maybe USPS isn’t wealthy, but they really should be by now. What I’ve figured out though, is that the best gift to ship is a small gift that weighs less than an ounce or two. From the USPS website:


Forever Stamps are ideal for mailing normal-sized, one-ounce letters within the United States. Avoid placing two Forever Stamps on a mail piece for heavier mail. Additional ounces are much cheaper costing only $0.21 per additional ounce rather than $0.47 for a one ounce letter. If you add two Forever Stamps to a 2 ounce letter, you would be paying for an item that should only cost $0.68.


When it comes to those unexpected small gifts of appreciation, Shabby Alpaca has you covered. Here are a few of our favorite gifts that you can send in a small envelope for less than 3 stamps.

  • Tiny Alpaca is by far our favorite small gift for shipping talpaca toy small gift to shipo loved ones. She is small, quirky and sure to bring a smile to your friend’s face. She makes a great desk companion and a great road-trip companion. Wrap her in a bit of tissue paper and she even fits in a regular envelope, though I would add a couple pieces of tape so the envelope doesn’t rip. Tiny Alpaca is such a hit, she even has a whole blog post dedicated just to her.


  • Socks, Socks and Socks. As you already know, we are super sock fanatics. We LOVE good socks and we love to share our passion for good socks with everyone we know. So we love shipping out a pair of socks to someone we love as a small gift. Lots of our socks weigh less than 3 ounces, so they can be shipped inexpensively. First Class Mail can be up to 13 ounces and doesn’t cost more than $4.00 so socks are a good item to ship- even if you buy a pair of our heavier winter alpaca socks.



  • For the kids in your life, sending finger puppets is the way to go! We’ve got monkeys, bears, pigs, birds, ducks, giraffes, lions, whales and of course- alpaca finger puppets. At $2.00 each or 5 for $9.00 these puppets are a steal and trust me, they makes LOTS of people smile. The detail in these is amazing and they make a great way to entertain kids who are sitting or waiting for long periods of time (‘long’ being more than 2 minutes without an electronic device).


finger puppets alpaca

lion finger puppet

  • Finally, our favorite gift to ship is any of our alpaca stuffed animals. Abe is our 5″ alpaca teddy bear. He is super-duper-amazingly soft and the recipient will love him forever. Sadly, we are very low on stuffed animals in stock right now, but be sure and check back as we’ve got LOTS of new inventory coming in for the fall. Our 7″ alpaca weighs less than 5 ounces as does our 7″ bear and several of our other stuffed animals can also be shipped inexpensively.


So if you are looking to surprise someone or let them know you care, send get well wishes or just send a “hug” in the mail- don’t send a glitter bomb. Instead, send one our inexpensive, and easy to ship gifts.

Check our events page to find us in person and pick up your small gift to ship or contact us to host a trunk show or visit our home office to shop in person!

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