Shabby Alpaca Frequently Asked Questions #4

frequently asked questions


frequently asked questionsFrequently Asked Question #4

For our Frequently Asked Question number 4, we’re answering a question we get at the booth often. It’s a long video, but we’re covering all of our product lines.


The FAQ is this, “What is this made of?”. The short answer is alpaca, but the longer answer is that we sell alpaca products (items made with alpaca fur or yarn) and alpaca-themed products and these can be made with alpaca wool, wool and acrylic. We also cover in this video how to clean our items depending on what they are made of!

Our best selling Kids Alpaca Themed Zip Sweater is not made of alpaca, but it is alpaca-themed. It features hand embroidered details that are made from alpaca yarn, but this jacket is acrylic and believe me- that’s what you want it to be made of. Because it is for children, the jacket is machine washable and can be dried in the dryer (though we always recommend line drying!)

frequently asked questions

Our alpaca socks are always a blend. Alpaca alone would not hold up well as a sock, but our alpaca blend socks are amazing!

aztec alpaca socks

Of course, our stuffed animals are all made of genuine alpaca fur. You can tell by touching them!

If you want your fix of soft things, you can stop by at any of our events or come see our booth at Unlisted Market in Centennial, Colorado!


We hope you’ve enjoyed our FAQ series and if you have any other questions about us or Shabby, comment below! We’d love to answer them!

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