Shabby Alpaca Frequently Asked Questions #3

frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

Welcome to Frequently Asked Questions #3 where we will answer the question,”Do you guys make all this stuff?”

As you saw in FAQ 1 & 2, we’re covering all the bases for questions we get asked often.

If you just couldn’t bear to watch us for one more second, let me enlighten you with the answer to Frequently Asked Questions #3. We don’t make the items we sell. I think because we sell at markets and fairs, people tend to assume that our goods are handcrafted by us, but they aren’t. (Spoiler alert: my jokey answer usually goes something like this, “No, if I made that it would cost $1000”).

At Shabby, we don’t make any claims about being a Fair Trade company, but we do care about where and how our goods are produced. Most of our alpaca goods are made in Peru and as careful retailers, we do our best to ensure that we are purchasing our goods from reputable sources. We work with only a few suppliers who work directly with the makers of our goods. We pay a fair price for our goods and we turn that around and share that with you.

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One of the starting points of Shabby was that I (Celina) was raising money for our International adoption. I was doing craft fairs and making a few small items to sell for profit and fundraising. I sewed things like lavender sachets and hooded towels. When Chris and Celina merged to become Shabby Alpaca, I kept making a few of those best selling items. But as our business got busier and we discovered what really worked, we decided that it was the alpaca goods we really wanted to focus on. So we selected our suppliers and began bringing alpaca goods to you!

In conclusion, we don’t make our goods, but we do our best to make sure they are actually GOOD and that they are produced ethically with care for the environment and the makers- and we stand behind what we sell.

Come back soon for FAQ #4!


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