Shabby Alpaca Frequently Asked Questions # 2

frequently asked questions


Frequently Asked Questions #2

frequently asked questions

Welcome to Day 2 of our very special- Shabby Alpaca FAQ.

There are several questions people ask us Shabby Girls over and over, so we decided to make a couple Gab with Shabby videos to share the answers. If you don’t like watching us gab, then feel free to read below for a shortened version of Frequently Asked Questions #2.

FAQ #2 usually goes something like this, ” Do you have to kill the alpacas??” or “Did an alpaca die for this?”

Watch our Gab With Shabby below to find out or skip the video and check out the shortened version below.


Question # 2 “Did an alpaca have to die for this?!!”

The answer is yes and no. The “yes” answer is not as bad as you think because the reality is that alpacas do eventually die like all living things. Sometimes alpacas die young of disease or trauma and sometimes alpacas die old. In Peru, where many of our goods are manufactured, there are lots of alpacas and alpacas die often. The beauty of the alpaca lifestyle in Peru is that when an alpaca dies, it is not discarded. Alpacas are very useful and when one dies, the rest of it’s body is put to use. The fleece is used for stuffed animals, pillows or rugs and the meat may be eaten.

The “no” side of this answer is a little simpler. Alpacas are fleece animals and they are sheared like sheep for their valuable wool. Once a year alpacas are sheared and roving and yarn are produced which produces many of our awesome alpaca products.

Stay tuned for FAQ # 3 coming soon!

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