Seine River Cruise Review Ama Waterways


Seine River Cruise Ama Waterways

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.” — Mark Twain

If you follow us on Instagram, then you know that I have just returned from a beautiful trip to France.

seine river cruise


In addition to running our small business with my mom, I also work for Jeanne Oliver Designs. Besides being an amazing artist, Jeanne works to make art and creating accessible. She wants art to be something that any one can do, wherever they are because she believes we are all created to create. Her online network and Living Studio events make that possible.

Jeanne hosts an online network where people can take affordable online art classes. In addition to that, Jeanne leads groups of people all over the world to teach and create in beautiful places. Lucky for me, working for Jeanne has perks beyond, well, working for Jeanne. She decided to take me with her on her last trip.




The Living Studio on the Seine featured a glorious seven days and nights along the Seine River. Each day featured a stop in a village, town or destination. Along the way, there were bike tours in various cities, walking tours and many amazing stops. We visitied Monet’s garden, the last place Van Gogh lived before he died, Honfleur a small historical fishing village and of course, Paris (oh, beautiful, beautiful Paris).




Besides the gift of traveling to beautiful places, I had the joy of meeting new friends as well as being able to travel with a couple of great friends. Jeanne, of course and Amanda, who is my Notes From the Neighborhood blogging partner.


We traveled with Ama Waterways  and I definitely cannot say enough good about the service we received on our trip. Ama was truly amazing to travel with. I have never been on a river cruise, so I do not have anything to compare it to. But here is a brief review of important aspects of the trip.

Food – Great. The food really was delicious. I never had something I didn’t enjoy. Dinner was almost 2 hours every night and if you know me, you know that was way too long even with excellent company. I literally went to bed immediately after dinner every night. Coffee and snacks were available all day, so you never felt hungry. I’m still dreaming of the coffee machine coffee- it was amazing!

Service– Excellent. The staff of Ama is top notch. Those who had wine with dinner felt it didn’t flow freely enough, but since I was drinking cokes, I didn’t have that problem. Every person was wonderful to work with. Our cruise director was lovely and all the staff was friendly and helpful.

Excursions– Excellent. I loved every trip we took. Sadly, I skipped the Normandy beaches trip and opted for a day of rest trip, but I loved the bike tours, the walking tours and seeing so many amazing and beautiful things.The tour guides were great and I loved that each person got their own ear piece and we could listen or just enjoy the sites. My favorite trip was to where Van Gogh last lived. He was such an interesting person and the town where he lived did an amazing job of paying homage to him.

Accommodations– Did you know two people can sleep in a closet?? They can. It doesn’t matter though, I would have shared a sardine can with my roommate Sheila Atchley. I love it when you leave someplace with more good friends than you came with.


monets garden


The Seine River Cruise Ama Waterways was this France and Normandy cruise. Ama Waterways has many choices for beautiful cruises. I’m dreaming about this Christmas Market cruise next.[/fusion_text][fusion_text][rev_slider alias=””][rev_slider alias=””][rev_slider alias=””]

For review purposes, I will say this is not a trip I would take anyone under 10 on. There were several 10(ish) year olds on our trip and they did great, but this type of tour is not really suited for kids. I would go with adults any time, though. A river cruise was an excellent way to see many things and I loved that food in included.


Here’s a reading list from a couple of the artists who were on the trip: – our travel agent. She did an excellent job of creating and managing this trip for us, and it doesn’t cost you any extra to use her expertise!



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