Reusing Amazon Boxes for Shipping Shabby

reusing amazon boxes

Reusing Amazon Boxes (and lots of other boxes, too!) for Shipping Shabby


As I browsed Pinterest and other idea sites, I noticed that the packaging and items I liked the best were those with beautiful new boxes, branded with care by the company. I was inspired and set out to purchase cool shipping boxes for Shabby. At Shabby, we really love our customers and we wanted them to feel special and lavished when they received an order from us. Packaging matters to me and it speaks to the beauty of a gift if it is wrapped with care.

Once I set out to purchase new boxes, I stumbled upon conflicted feelings.  I felt like I was being wasteful. I really do love getting special things in the mail and I love branded boxes, but I felt like, “Why should we add to the waste? What is anyone going to do with a brand new box? And why is it important?”

I realized that while shipping in beautiful boxes is a lovely idea and it is absolutely right for some companies, it just wasn’t right for us. I knew if I was conflicted I knew I wasn’t being true to our myself and therefore our brand. I thought about our key customers and I realized that while they would love beautiful boxes, they also like and appreciate the idea of doing whatever you can to contribute to loving and caring for the planet. We also decided that our key commitment is to perfect goods- not perfect boxes. Besides, we are called SHABBY Alpaca. We have to have something that is shabby since it sure isn’t our goods!

It was decided: we will be reusing amazon boxes for shipping Shabby. We have invested in stickers and are trying out a new paper tape with our logo on it, so the box that comes may be a reused box, but it won’t look horrible and the goods inside will still be wrapped and presented beautifully.

Decision made- check! Now, HOW do we let our customers know that we are reusing Amazon boxes not because we are cheap or tacky, but for a specific reason?

First I added it to our  Policy page. Then, I updated the email that customers get when they place an order. And finally, I wrote a little note to stick to the outside of the box.

We did decide on a disclaimer that if you are ordering a gift for someone, it will come in a nice new box.

Here is our updated shipping policy:

We ship super FAST! We almost always ship new orders within two days* and we use USPS Priority Mail, so in less than a week, you’ll be enjoying your Shabby goods!

We have a policy when it comes to caring for the environment and you’ve probably heard it before: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We’ve decided to sacrifice super fancy outer packaging and to do our reasonable best to care for the earth by reusing perfectly good boxes to ship you your goods. That means the box that comes to your door may not be perfect or pristine and it probably has Amazon tape on it. We are the Shabby Alpaca after all….Our commitment to you is that the goods will be perfect-not necessarily the box they come in. The only exception to this is if you are sending a gift. In that case, we feel like even the outer packaging should make your recipient feel special.

Our shipping pricing is simple, we know that shipping fees are super lame, but one of Shabby’s values is offering you affordable alpaca goods so we can’t eat the shipping fees for you because our goods are not marked up to cover the shipping cost. So, every order costs you what it costs us to ship it.

Tracking information is sent upon shipment and we do track every package we mail. Once USPS shows your package as delivered, we cannot be responsible for loss or theft. Please contact USPS with your tracking information and file a claim with them. We will always provide you with tracking information.

What do you think? Have you had to make a decision like this in your business? Do you think that reusing amazon boxes right for Shabby? We’d love your thoughts!

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