Quechua Benefit Casa Chapi: Making a Difference in the Highlands of Peru


Most of the time on our trip to Peru, I was just following along and going with the flow of our group trip; never exactly sure where we were headed or where we would end up. I’d ask a few questions here and there, but I mostly assumed that our leader knew where we were headed and why.

At one point, I understood there would be a trip to the “KECHEWAH Benefit”. I had no emotions about this trip until the van pulled up to take us there and it was the Quechua Benefit we were headed to. I’d been following them on Instagram for months and I was suddenly excited about our trip now that I understood not everything is spelled phonetically.

I understood the mission of QB on some level from their IG account, but seeing something in person changes everything!


Quechua Benefit Casa Chapi

Here is the mission from the QB website:

Quechua Benefit’s mission is to empower the Quechua people in the highlands of Peru through educational programs, medical care, efficient farming practices, and social justice programs.


After 4,920 hours in the QB van, we were so excited when we finally pulled up to Casa Chapi. The first thing we saw was children playing happily on the well kept grounds.


Quechua Benefit Casa Chapi


During our tour we were so happy to discover not only happy kids, but also children who were living in family units AND being trained in important skills like composting, gardening and raising animals. There is a beautiful medical facility at Casa Chapi where the children can get checked for health issues as well as treated for any problems.

Check out this short video on Quechua Benefit Casa Chapi story. You can also check out our Gab with Shabby with Alejandro who showed us around. We loved meeting him and chatting about Quechua Benefit Casa Chapi.

The Quechua Benefit has a beautiful website with lots of photos! (Some photos I’ve used here are borrowed from their site), but here is the mission of Quechua Benefit Casa Chapi- which we saw being executed so beautifully!

Casa Chapi Children’s Village was conceived, created and constructed with one thought in mind: children should be given the opportunity to dream, grow and prosper in a safe, loving environment. In the poverty-stricken communities of the Peruvian highlands, this ideal is often not attainable.

Casa Chapi provides a nurturing refuge to children whose families, despite their hard-work and best efforts, are unable to provide for them. It gives these kids a roof over their heads, warm clothes on their backs, nourishing food in their bellies, and an excellent education. It provides a nurturing space for play, learning, creative expression, and big dreams.

We currently have 63 children living and going to school at Casa Chapi, and this number will continue to rise as we expand our facilities.

The cornerstone of life at Casa Chapi is the family unit. The children, boys and girls ages 5 through 13, are all raised together in age appropriate “families” in small cottages, each lovingly attended by a full time Madrina (God Mother).
Families travel as often as they are able to visit and maintain closeness with their children. Some travel for hours, coming from remote villages in the highlands. Each contributes according to his or her ability, from preparing a few potatoes and washing clothes, to bringing welcome pieces of fresh meat from their homes.
The pulse that runs through Casa Chapi is fueled by love and generosity. The children’s vitality can be seen in their wide-eyed, joyful faces as they strike the soccer ball or dig their forks into thick platters of meat, potatoes, vegetables and beans. It can be seen in the look of concentration as they study their math text, or the speed with which tiny hands shoot to the sky when the teacher poses a question during their morals and values class. The smiles are broad and unmistakable.

Quechua Benefit Casa Chapi is making an amazing difference in the lives of the people of the highlands of Peru and we were honored to see their work in person!

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