Stuffed Alpaca Dogs: Doodle Dogs with Docked Tails

Stuffed Alpaca Dogs are incredibly detailed and amazingly constructed using the softest alpaca fur. They make an amazing gift for you or your loved one!

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Stuffed Alpaca Dogs

Our Stuffed Alpaca Dogs are created using only the finest alpaca fur. They feature adorable expressions and docked tails which is why we call them our Doodle Dog!

Each stuffed alpaca dog is uniquely crafted and therefore variations in color, fur length and facial expression will occur.

At checkout, let us know if you would like a white, light, medium, dark or multi-colored dog.

Two varieties are available: Suri and Huacaya. Suri features long fur that almost resembles hair and Huacaya is the classic soft alpaca fur. Suri is only available in light colors.

Our Alpaca Stuffed Dogs are created using real alpaca fur. In Peru, alpacas are extremely valuable and when they die from extreme weather conditions in the Andes or other natural causes, every part of the alpaca is used to supplement the families that manage the herds. Rest assured no animals are killed to create these stuffed animals.


Dogs Measure: approximately 9 1/2″ tall and 6″ wide at their base

Content: 100% Alpaca Fur. Stuffed with Cotton/Poly Blend

Care Instructions: Spot clean with gentle shampoo. For emergency situations, bring your alpaca to the dry cleaners

Made in Peru exclusively for Shabby Alpaca

Warning: Not suitable for infants. Created with authentic alpaca fiber.