Hooded Alpaca Sweater: Weekend Apparel


This is our very favorite everyday, especially on weekends, wear or bring anywhere, hooded, warm, but not too warm alpaca sweater.

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Hooded Alpaca Sweater featuring an alpaca motif is the perfect sweater for every weekend!

Here is what we love about this classic item:

Perfect for layering, which makes it perfect for all seasons
Cool & unique design
Perfect for Scooter rides, slope style, errands or just hanging around the house
Durable garment! Chris G has had hers for at least 6 years and it is still in great shape!
Limited edition. You won’t find these anywhere and we only have a few in stock
WASHABLE! Hello! This is an alpaca blend garment that you can wash. (We never recommend drying and we always advise washing with care. Additionally, we don’t advise washing often as outer garments can be spot cleaned.)
Pockets! Hood! Zipper!
The alpaca design is the best. You know we love alpacas, so this is a statement piece for us and we always get compliments.


Content: Acrylic/Alpaca Wool Blend

Care: Machine wash delicate in cold water. Lay flat to dry. Fluff in dryer if needed- no heat!

Made in Peru

Fine Print! This sweater is unisex and unsized. If you have either a very small or a very large body, this sweater is probably not for you. The model in the purple sweater is a size 10/12