Restocked! Felted Cat Cave: Handmade with Merino Wool


Our handmade Felted Cat Caves are a fun treat for your cat or other small pet.

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Felted Cat Cave: We promise your cat will love this or she won’t. It’s a cat, we can’t make promises here, people. (Our cats love them, but again, they are cats. We had no way to know how they would react.)

Each Felted Cat Cave is made with love and the highest quality wool available. Your cat or other small pet will love having a hiding spot, resting spot or a bed to lay on (some cats push these down and use them as beds!

Pet caves fit most pets up to 16lbs. Easy to clean with lukewarm water: merino wool is not only soft and flexible, it offers natural properties to keep your pets cleaner and smelling better.

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Measurements: Width ~ 19 inches, Height~ 10-11 inches, Hole ~ 7-8 inches

Content: 100% Wool

Care: Spot clean with lukewarm water

Made In: India