Double Woven Fringed Alpaca Blanket by Tex Alpa


Double woven fringed alpaca blanket by Tex Alpa is so lovely for any room in your house. Curated by the Shabby girls in Peru.

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Double Woven Fringed Alpaca Blanket by Tex Alpa

An instant classic!

This blanket is one of the main reasons we travel to Peru! We have to go there to find it for ourselves!  Last year, this blanket sold out in mere days and we expect that even though we brought back more stock, this collection won’t last long either.

This blanket is somehow thin, but also a little bit heavy. It’s is double woven, so it is reversible with one side being the main color and the second side have main color and a lighter color woven in. It is incredibly durable, soft and warm. You can use it as a throw over your couch, or on your bed for a warm night sleep. It  folds up beautifully and looks amazing as a throw blanket (which you really can’t say for all blankets!).

The leather label adds a touch of class (as IF this blanket needs any more?)

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Size: Approximately 62″ x 52″   fringe is 3″

Content: 55% Alpaca/45% Wool

Made in Peru