Pocket Alpaca: Your Companion for the Road

tiny alpaca

We have a lot of favorites around here, but this pocket alpaca is at the top of our list.

We call her, fittingly, Shabby Alpaca. She’s kind of like our little mascot. A tiny pocket alpaca. Doesn’t the idea make you smile?? Don’t be deceived, Pocket Alpaca can go anywhere! She is certainly not limited to life in a pocket….it’s just that she does easily fit inside almost any pocket.

One of the things we love about Shabby is that she is great company. You can really bring her anywhere and spark joy! We love her as a desk companion, working hard alongside us. We love her in kid’s lunch boxes as a lunchtime surprise. We love her as a gift topper for just a little something extra. And we really love her inside your vehicle as a dashboard companion.

Anyway, Shabby also loves to travel. Here she is somewhere in California with my cousin and his traveling nurse wife. She (Shabby) lives with them in their RV and loves her life of adventure. Here she is cooking breakfast.

But of all the things we love about Shabby our favorite is how easy she is to ship. We LOVE to send her as a simple and inexpensive “thinking of you” gift. Shabby ships for less than $3.00. She can be sent by first class mail in a regular envelope.

Sending love in the mail is one of our favorite things and we’ll share more easy and inexpensive to-ship gifts that you can send to friends and loved ones. We can always ship directly to your recipient and we’re happy to write a note on your behalf! Let us know who needs to know you’re thinking of them and send Shabby on an adventure!


Standing Shabby measures 4″ tall and the sitting version measures 3″ tall.

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