Peru Trip 2017! Shabby Alpaca heads to Peru!

peru trip 2017

Peru Trip 2017

Since the day we created Shabby Alpaca, we’ve wanted to go to Peru. Peru is where our products originate, our makers live and it is the home of the alpaca. It’s been a four -year dream for us, and this summer it’s coming true!!

Alpacas are awesome- as you already know. And the mother half of this mother/daughter business has always loved alpacas and wanted for many years to see where alpacas originated. She has dreamed and schemed and finally sold me on the idea (who needs to be sold on traveling the world!!?? BUT it did take some convincing since I leave behind 3 kids and a husband to take care of everything while I am gone). Alas, I married up and Andy is on board now, too….

peru trip 2017

I digress. This is the first of many posts about Peru.

But for now, here are the details: We’ll be on a tour with The Alpaca Guy who has traveled extensively in Peru and knows how to do it right. He’ll take us to markets, Machu Picchu, on a luxury train ride and generally keep us safe and sound as we travel around the beautiful country of Peru. We’ll be buying new product, visiting our makers and hopefully making some friends.


We can hardly wait for June!! Any great things we need to do while we are there? We’d love your suggestions!

peru trip 2017


More on our alpaca adventure to come!


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