Mother and Daughter Shopping: Love or Hate?

wedding selfie

Mother daughter shopping- it’s either something you love or something you dread. There is no in-between. This is an invitation to bring yo’ mama to the Denver Flea, but first a little about how my mama and I do our shopping.

wedding selfie

We shopped for our wedding outfits together for my cousin’s wedding in Asheville, NC

My mother and I love to shop together. We love wandering around a market, a mall or a store together. We love the quality time it provides, the getting to know each others likes and dislikes together and the helpful (?) suggestions we provide one another about wardrobe, home goods and gifts. We also enjoy making fun of each other’s choices- or rather, I make fun of my mom’s choices.

We’ve shopped dozens of events together. Like the Lilac Festival in Rochester, NY, the Avon Flea Market in Avon, NY and the Cherry Creek Arts Festival. We’ve shopped for dozens of events together: weddings, parties, work and funerals. We’ve offered each other great suggestions and not so great suggestions. We’ve found gifts for each other and gifts for others while shopping together. In short, we’ve shopped- oh yes, we’ve shopped.

The way we shop is to go somewhere together and start off in the same place and then wander off searching for our own great finds. One of us moving a little quicker through some stores or booths and one of us lingering, taking turns with this wandering, buying, and looking.

Shopping together provides us a great excuse to spend time together. As business partners we need the down time, we need time to just check out what other people are selling instead of just working on what we’re selling all the time. We do love to get ideas about displays and merchandise when we are out together, but it’s usually an after-thought and not too high stakes like working together can sometimes be. One of my favorite memories of my grandmother is a time my mom, my grandma and I all went to Toronto to look around and shop. My grandmother kept saying, oh-so-sadly and in good humor “I don’t have any money”. It was a joke that lasted the whole trip and it made shopping even more fun. There’s a multi-generational bond that can happen when we shop together.


adopted daughter roller skates

My daughter, Eloise. She loves to shop!

Speaking of that, I love shopping with my own daughter. She’s 6 and shopping together with no real reason other than to be together provides me with a chance to see the world as she sees it. Does she always move toward the same kind of stuffed animal? What catches her eye in a store that isn’t for kids? What does she think I’d look good in? Does she love dresses or toys better? When I am shopping with Eloise, we almost always have fun. Because my experience of shopping with my mom has always been good (well except that one time when I was 13 and wanted the most hideous outfit for her wedding rehearsal dinner, got my way by throwing a fit and then hated the outfit- but that’s another story) I want my daughter to have the same kind of experience. I want her to love to shop together because it’s one way we can get away together.

So here’s the thing: our most favorite event is coming up in a couple weeks and we want to see you there with your mother or daughter or grandmother or all of them. We’d love to ask you 3 questions about shopping together and your mother-daughter relationship and record your answers. As much as we love doing business together, my mom and I are also so intrigued by the mother and daughter relationships that others have- and whether you love or hate shopping together.

Let us know in the comments if you’ll be there and if you’d like to be interviewed. We want you to get real with us. Whether you love or hate shopping together, we want to know! We’ll be inside the EXDO building and we’ll have our production team (just kidding, we have an iPad with a mic and a tripod, its not special and there is no team) ready to go! We promise not to put you on the spot with any awkward questions and if you are lucky, you might even be featured in our upcoming new feature…. More to come on that!



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