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Market worries: if you are small business selling at craft events and other pop up markets- there is a whole hell of a lot to worry about.

I recently conducted a poll on a Facebook page for vendors about their market worries and the responses for things to worry about were as varied as the goods being sold. We can all come up with 200 things to worry about before a show from oversleeping to getting lost on the way to the event. Here are the Denver Handmade Vendor page responses to the poll asking, “What do you worry about before an event?”

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If we spent all the time we spent worrying building our website, we’d have one hell of a website. But alas, worry is a part of the human condition and website building is an add on. There isn’t much we can do to stop worrying, so we just keep worrying and in the end, some of those worries actually come true, but mostly things turn out OK.

Here is a list of the Top 10 things that the Shabby Girls worry about before a show. You can see us brainstorming our market fears in the video to the right!

  1. Sales: Will we sell anything? Will we make our booth fee back? What if we don’t sell anything? What if we actually lose money at this event?
  2. Display/booth set up: Will my display fit in my booth? Will I be able to display everything correctly? Will my booth look good? What if my booth is poorly located?
  3. Inventory/preparedness: Did I bring enough inventory? What if I sell out? Did I bring too much inventory? Did I bring enough change? Did I bring enough bags for customers?
  4. Weather: What if it snows? What if it rains? What if it’s too hot? WHAT IF IT’S WINDY??? What if it’s too cold? What if it’s so beautiful outside that no one comes because they are all enjoying the day?
  5. The promoters: Did they do all they could to get people to the show? What if they are rude and don’t care about what the vendors need? Did they advertise? Is the admission fee they are charging too high?
  6. Booth neighbors: What if they are real jerks? What if their display blocks ours? What if they have a huge line or attraction and their customers block our booth? What if they are roasting nuts or some other obnoxious thing that is loud and smelly?
  7. Attendance: What if no one comes? What if lots of people come and they just walk around? What if those in attendance don’t shop? What if there are other events that are better in town and all the shopping customers go there?
  8. Demographic: Is this show going to have our people? Will the people attending love us? What if they are cheapies just looking for a bargain?
  9. Unloading/loading difficulty: What if I have to walk a mile to set up my booth? What if it’s a mad race to breakdown and it takes me an hour just to park nearby? What if people unloading and loading are rude?
  10. Forgetting something: Did I forget my square reader? Do I have the tool I need to set up my booth correctly? Did I forget my change? What if I forgot that one thing that I absolutely need to set up properly?

See, there are so many things to worry about. Right before a show is when you do not want to be with my mom and I. We are either bouncing our worries off each other or talking the other one off the worry ledge with things we don’t have any way of knowing if they are true or not like, “It’s going to be fine!”. Honestly, sometimes it hasn’t been fine at all. I’ve already shared some of our failures and I plan to share more. Failure is a part growing and apparently, so is worrying our heads off before a market.


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