Shupaca: Luxury Alpaca Blankets

Shupaca’s collection of luxury alpaca blend blankets are a must for any room in your home! Blankets and throws are both available, though we always recommend getting a blanket for the best layered look on your couch or bed (throws are smaller, but good for keeping laps warm!).

See the entire collection here and let us know if we can special order anything for you: Shupaca Blanket Collection

Here’s what we love about these Shupaca luxury alpaca blankets.

First of all, the value! Blankets measure 70X90 and cost $145 and throws measure 45 X 70 and cost $90. Second, we love the luxury feel of these blankets. They are somewhat ‘hairy’ the way you might expect something made of mohair to be, though these are an alpaca (80%) and acrylic (20%) blend. They come with a little brush so if they get crazy looking you can brush them out. I mean having a brush for your blanket? Doesn’t that just scream “luxury”? 🙂 Finally, what we love about these blankets is the variety! There are SO MANY colors and patterns. You can seriously match these luxury alpaca blankets to any kind of decor, from a minimalist decorating approach, to mid-century to “decorating? What’s that”? These blankets look good everywhere!

About Shupaca: Shupaca is a really great company whose line of luxury alpaca products we just started carrying in 2016. We love the company because they are  fair trade. Meaning: they work directly with artisans to produce goods and their workers are fairly paid and no government officials get part of their wages. We love that! Secondly, we love that as retailers, Shupaca offers us a low price on their goods so we can sell their items for less than retail. You can check out their site for their amazing product offerings. Then check with us on pricing- as you can see from the blanket pricing, we are able to offer a lower price than what is listed on their site.


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