Layering Garments


Today I made the mistake of not bringing any layering garments with me when I left the house. Believe me, I ended up regretting that decision….

We live in Colorado where the weather is….unpredictable at best.  The weather this morning was about 50 degrees and sunny.  Assuming this trend would continue I left the house in a blouse and jeans. I didn’t bring a coat or a shawl, when I should have brought both AND a hat and gloves! I went to Starbucks to meet a friend and because it was so busy inside we had to sit outside. I shivered the whole time and spent the rest of the day freezing.



You can see here what looks like a beautiful fall day, in the foreground of mountains that are covered in snow. You know what it takes to have snow? Cold temperatures.

The forecast for this weekend is up to 18 inches of snow. It’s APRIL. Last week was gorgeous! The week before that: SNOW and lots of it. You can leave the house at 8:00 AM dressed one way and (if you are prepared for it) by the time you come home at 5:00 PM, your whole wardrobe could have changed. That’s why one of our favorite phrases at Shabby is, “You always need an extra layer“. You can leave the house in a tee shirt, but you should really have a hoodie packed in your car or backpack. You can leave the house in a blouse, but you should always bring a shawl, blanket scarf or light jacket. Nights- nights in Colorado are always cool. Even in the middle of a hot summer. A 90 degree August day will be a 40 degree night. The point here is no matter where you live it pays to be prepared for changes in temperature. YOU ALWAYS NEED AN EXTRA LAYER.

One of our favorite garments for the ‘extra layer’ is this cozy and light weight alpaca shawl. It is easily packed, stored in your car, or carried in your handbag.



It doubles as a scarf, wrap, or even a little blanket when you’re sitting on the patio and it’s chilly. These beautiful wraps can be found at markets or can be ordered by emailing us. We keep only a few of these in stock, so we don’t list them on our website, but we can easily ship one out! Email us at to order. Mention this blog post and we’ll ship your super soft alpaca wrap for FREE!

For more layering ideas, check out our Pinterest page!

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