Happy New Year! January 2017 Denver Markets

january 2017 denver markets

January always brings new. This year, we’re trying a couple of January 2017 Denver Markets- see below for more information!

For Shabby, January is definitely going to be a time of new. We’re changing our business model slightly and updating our look and some of our branding. Changes like this always excite me to no end. I can’t WAIT to do all. the. new. things.

In small business it can be hard to re-calibrate, update and make changes. First of all, in our small biz, there are two of us with opinions to consider and sometimes those are in opposition. Secondly, there’s the risk that you let go of things (that were successful in their own way) to make room for new things and you end up not being as successful with the new. It’s a risk. But small business is always a risk.

One of the changes we plan to make for 2017 is that when it comes to markets, we’re cutting back. Markets are so fun when it comes to interacting with our customers, but they are so much work and they are so hard on our families. Lugging all of our goods around isn’t that much fun anyway, but it’s even less fun when your kids and husband are home all weekend waiting for you. Sometimes a market is a huge flop and we end up doing just as much work for a flop of a weekend as we end up doing for a blow out weekend. We’ve met so many wonderful people in the last three years of shows and markets, but we need to be home just a little bit more. Our plan is to try maybe one or two new markets, just to see what’s out there, but we are only going to do our very favorites in addition to that. We’ll do events like the Denver Flea (4X a year!), Horseshoe Market, the Castle Rock Senior Center Craft Fair, Born in Barn, and maybe a few other favorites.

January brings a chance for us to do one new market and one market we loved last year. January events are exciting because we’re clearing out inventory so we can start fresh. This means BIG SAVINGS for you. Almost all of our goods are going to be 40% off at our January 2017 Denver Markets. We’ll even have our first-ever $5 bin! Seriously, if you were waiting to buy some Shabby goods, this is the time!

We really hope to see you at one of our January 2017 Denver Markets this month!

First up- The Old House Vintage Market.

january 2017 denver markets

Then, Simply Vintage Market.

january 2017 denver markets



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