Inventory: Fresh From Peru + Gab with Shabby

alpaca inventory sale

We recently got a fresh shipment of inventory from Peru. We have a total of 12 HUGE boxes coming from our main supplier, but we like to sort, tag and store all of our goods as they come- it is easier to tackle things as they arrive than it is to have goods in boxes sitting around for weeks and then try to tackle everything at once.We had five boxes to sort today and not surprisingly, it took us ALL day!

Since we mainly deal with alpaca products, much of our inventory comes from Peru. Alpacas are native to Peru, so many alpaca goods are created by skilled Peruvians. We do our best to source carefully and we only work with a few trusted vendors.

The inventory we sorted today consisted of lots of stuffed animals and some awesome alpaca apparel. These lions are the absolute coolest thing we received- we couldn’t stop touching them. Their manes literally go all the way down to the bottom of their bodies! They’re really look like what I think the King of the Jungle should look like! If you need one of these, better get it now- we’ve only got 3!

Since we were going to be sorting through lots of stuff, we decided to film it for your enjoyment. Since none of you responded to our generous offer to help us with video editing for free, we had to figure this fast-forward video thing on our own. It took me as long to create this video as it took us to sort through and price all our goods i.e. all day!

Don’t expect perfection, but this is still a fun little video and it actually wasn’t that hard, but it was pretty overwhelming at first. Maybe I can do anything…just kidding- someone send help!


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