Herringbone Alpaca Socks: New Product You’ll Love!

herringbone alpaca socks


herringbone alpaca socks

New Product Alert: Herringbone Alpaca Socks!

Update: Not Currently Available

We just shared our Aztec Alpaca Socks with you and now we want to show you our second new 2017 sock release! Herringbone Alpaca Socks!

As you know, we’ve evaluated dozens of high quality alpaca socks and we love these the best right now.

The Herringbone Alpaca Sock makes an excellent gift for the guy in your life. These are so comfortable and stylish- your husband, brother, therapist and boss will love these. Sidenote: I have given my therapist alpaca socks before. He’s one of those cool guys that dresses up and wears funky socks.


Besides the trendy design, these socks really do have everything we look for in a sock.

    • Warm
    • Lightweight
    • Wash and dry great!
    • Moisture -wicking
    • Fashionable
    • Hold up over many washes
    • Look great with men’s dress shoes!
    • Excellent sizing (fit well!)
    • Priced perfectly at $19



herringbone alpaca sock


These are currently available in three colors: black, royal blue and denim! However, our Aztec Alpaca Sock is the same sock only with another print!

We do not have many of these in stock, so if you like them- GET ‘EM!


alpaca socks for him

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