Handmade Felted Alpaca Soap: DIY or Try Ours!


Recently, my family and I went to the Great Western Alpaca Show here in Denver.

While we were there, we got to see lots of alpacas, lots of alpaca wholesalers and of course, we visited the HAHO Market.

The Shabby Girls get to go to lots of these alpaca shows because Chris G. reps for an alpaca wholesaler (NOT because we have alpacas! See our FAQ.) . I love getting up close and personal with an alpaca, and we haven’t had an alpaca selfie in a while so we were pretty excited about this.

alpaca selfie

The kids got one, too.

alpaca selfie kids

The selfies were fun, but my favorite part about this show was this lady.


This woman was doing a demonstration of how to make Handmade Felted Alpaca Soap- a total labor of love.

As you know, we sell a similar product. Our Felted Alpaca Goats Milk Soap is also handmade. Our supplier creates each and every bar of soap by hand- exactly as this woman is doing.


The process for creating Handmade Felted Alpaca Soap involves taking a bar of soap, wrapping it in alpaca fiber or roving, immersing it in water and scrubbing. As our adorable demo-lady said at first you hold the soap like it is a “baby bird”, then when the alpaca fiber is slightly felted you can begin rubbing more vigorously to ensure a tight hold.


Shabby’s handmade goat’s milk soap is wrapped tightly in alpaca fiber. The felted alpaca makes this little soap package anti-bacterial and preserves your soap since it is not sitting in a puddle in your shower. Felted soap is lightly exfoliating- like soap and a washcloth all in one. Since our soap is a handmade goats milk soap, it smells amazing! In our home, each of my kids have their own bar of handmade felted alpaca soap. They love it because they got to pick out their scent and it’s something that is only theirs! This soap is also an excellent choice for anyone who gets super dirty hands, too. The exfoliating nature of the soap gets dirty hands clean and since alpaca is anti-bacterial, no germs!

If you are interested in trying this at home, here’s a link to our Pinterest board that has lots of tutorials on how to try this at home! Felting soap is an excellent beginner wet felting project and it is not expensive, so if you don’t enjoy it, you haven’t spent too much to try something new.



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