Hand Felted Wool Dog Bone: Shabby Alpaca Introduces Toys For Dogs

wool dog bone

Wool Dog Bone: A Super Cool New Shabby product for you and your dog!

Shabby’s new Hand Felted Wool Dog Bone make a great gift for your canine friends!

Dogs love the smell of wool and this interactive toy will get your dog playing fetch, keep away or any other game he loves!

wool dog bone


These Wool Dog Bones are BIG- measuring approximately 10.5″ long and they come in a variety of cool colors! We’ve only got a few in stock, so order yours now!

wool dog bone



Shabby has a commitment to the safety of your pet, so please note the following about our Hand Felted Wool Dog Bones: If your dog is an extreme chewer or has been known to eat clothing, socks or other indigestible items, then he or she is not a good candidate for this toy. If, on the other hand, your dog just loves to play fetch and has never torn apart anything indestructible then this is a great toy. This product is made with tightly felted wool and will be difficult to tear apart, but if your dog is great at tearing things apart, then this toy is not for her!


wool dog bone


Some dogs can be left unattended with this toy, some dogs may chose to eat this bone. While wool is safe, it is not best if your pet ingests large amounts. Our Hand Felted Wool products like our Cat Cave and Wool Dog Bone are made by hand through the process of wet felting all-natural wool. Our hand felted wool products are made in Nepal by skilled artisans in a US-owned factory, ensuring fair treatment and pay for the artisans.  In addition, only natural wool and organic vegetable dye are used to create our wool products to ensure a safe product for your pets.

Play fetch with this adorable and sustainable produced Felted Wool Dog Bone!

Measures approximately 10.5″

Click photo below to purchase!

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