Hand Felted Wool Cat Cave: Your Cats New Favorite Hideout

Our new Hand Felted Wool Cat Cave is a serious HIT with the felines.

Cats love to hide out. If you’ve ever gotten a package that came in a box your cat can fit in or an item that came in wads and wads of paper, then you already know this. Cats LOVE to hide. This Hand Felted Wool Cat Cave makes it super easy for them to do. Cats love the smell of wool, so the cave attracts and interests them.

When these caves arrived at my house (which is also Shabby Alpaca headquarters) my cat, Lady Bird was on.the.scene. She was all over these and instantly claimed her favorite one. Since then, Chris G has given one to her cat and even though he is more of a grumpy cat, he was totally into it and spent an hour in it right away. My husband Andy kept saying, “I just can’t believe there is a cat toy that the cat actually loves. I mean she won’t leave it alone.”

hand felted wool cat cave

I obviously can’t guarantee that your cat will love his or her Hand Felted Wool Cat Cave (I mean it’s a CAT. They allow you to predict and dictate absolutely nothing) but I really do think it’s almost a sure thing that your feline friend will take to this cave.

hand felted wool cat cave

Once they are in, they can’t help but go in and out. Jumping, hiding and playing make these caves the ultimate cat hideout and play thing.

Each cat cave is made by hand through the process of wet felting all-natural wool to give your sweet kitty a personal enclosed place to retreat and play. Our Hand Felted Cat Caves are made in Nepal by skilled artisans in a US-owned factory, ensuring fair treatment and pay for the artisans.  Only natural wool and organic vegetable dye are used to create our cat caves to ensure a completely safe product for your pets.

As with all things Shabby, we’re bringing you a high quality, natural fiber product that we’ve sought from around the world and this time- your cat benefits!

Our Hand Felted Wool Cat Cave comes in several colors and fits cats up to 16 pounds.



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