Go Adventure Mom Podcast with guest Celina Baldwin

God Adventure Mom Podcast

Go Adventure Mom Podcast with guest Celina Baldwin

A few months ago, Chris G was working with one of our wholesalers at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Denver, Colorado. I was able to go as a guest and check out all the cool gear and apparel for the outdoors.

While I was walking out a lady stopped me to ask about my purse and where I had gotten it. I was carrying our Huilpil Tote and I gladly shared all about my bag, where it came from and why it is awesome.

go adventure mom podcast

Kathy and I made a quick and easy connection over my bag and quickly moved onto other topics such as adoption, reading and raising kids. We had a fun connection and Kathy invited me to share about our business on her Podcast: Go Adventure Mom.

Kathy uses her platform to encourage moms to get outside and keep adventuring with kids by their sides. Her heart is to bring women together who love to travel and be outdoors.

Click here to listen to the podcast and to check out Go Adventure Mom!

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