Gab With Shabby:Mother/Daughter Shopping

shabby video series

For those of you who truly love Shabby Alpaca- we’ve got something special for you that we really think you will enjoy. Introducing our newest feature: a Shabby video series. Appropriately, it is titled: Gab With Shabby. We went through a few titles, but none of them stuck with us like Gab with Shabby and we hope you’ll stick with us while we develop this fun new aspect of Shabby Alpaca.

Gab with Shabby is a shabby video series featuring the Shabby Girls- Celina Baldwin and Chris Gray. We’ll be producing short clips of basically- us gabbing. We’ll gab about running a small business, alpacas, mother/daughter relationships, awesome products and much, much more. We have big plans for this new segment including interviewing our customers, fans and vendors, visiting alpaca farms and talking about how we’ve failed and how we’ve flourished as we’ve worked to grow this thing called Shabby Alpaca.

True to our name, this will in fact, be a bit of a “shabby” video series. Since we don’t have money to hire a producer (or money for anything else for that matter) we’ll be doing everything ourselves (with a little help from Mure Media). We’ll tell you upfront that it’s not perfect and it’s not polished yet, but we just can’t wait any longer to gab with you.

Without further ado, here is our very first ever Gab With Shabby. In this edition, we’re talking about how we shop as mother and daughter. Since we’ll be interviewing mothers and daughters this weekend at the Denver Flea about their shopping habits, we thought we’d share with you some of ours. Enjoy! Comment, like and share all you want and if you’re bringing your mother or daughter to the Flea, be sure and stop by so we can do a quick interview with YOU!

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