Shabby Alpaca Frequently Asked Questions # 1

frequently asked questions


frequently asked questions



Over the next few days, we’ll be sharing our FAQ.

There are several frequently asked questions people ask us Shabby Girls over and over, so we decided to make a couple Gab with Shabby videos to share the answers. If you don’t like watching us gab, then feel free to read below for a shortened version of Frequently Asked Questions #1.

FAQ # 1 usually goes something like this, ” Do you guys have an alpaca farm?” or “Do you own alpacas?” Watch below to find out….and see how Chris G didn’t know which question was going to be asked and wanted to start over.

The short answer to “Do you own alpacas?” if you didn’t have time for our video, is: No. We don’t currently have an alpaca farm. But the back story of Shabby Alpaca is that it all started with a teddy bear collection. Chris started collecting teddy bears at some point in her life and on eBay she found an alpaca teddy bear that she had to have. Long story short and fast forward a couple years and a move across the country and Chris and Jon are alpaca farmers. They owned their own farm and then managed a couple of other alpaca farms together for 13 years.

After moving back to Colorado (where the teddy bear collection started!) Chris and Celina have no live alpacas, only awesome alpaca goods and the knowledge acquired over 13 years of raising animals.

If you want to learn more about the Shabby Girls, check out our Meet Shabby page!

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