Finger Puppets! Entertainment for People & Pets

ladybug finger puppet

cat toy finger puppet

Finger puppets are a total riot! They make for great on-the-spot entertainment. You can entertain kids, adults, grumpy people and most especially- cats.

I’ve spent plenty of money- I can’t say how much because it would be embarrassing- on cat toys. But my cats favorite toys are Finger Puppets. She loves batting them around. Sometimes, she’ll grab two of them and take off running. They are the perfect size and shape for cats.

finger puppet bird


As far as kids go, finger puppets make an excellent little distraction. Keep a couple in your purse for when you and your toddler are waiting for the doctor or when you’re stuck in traffic with the family. Busting out finger puppets is a surprise and people love little surprises in life. You can put on a little play, use puppets as a teaching tool for role play or just make up a crazy story. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

We love our finger puppets because they can be mailed one or two at a time for no additional postage. Send your friend a birthday card and throw in a monkey with his own banana.

Surprise! I got you a monkey!

monkey finger puppet


Our puppets are hand made in Peru by skilled artisans. The fine detail makes them a work of art in themselves!

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ladybug finger puppet


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