Felted Wool Pet Products: Perfect for Cats and Dogs

felted wool pet products

Felted Wool Pet Products

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At Shabby, our focus is on finding soft goods from around the globe and while we’ve focused on alpaca products (and don’t intent to stop!) we have found a few beautiful wool items that deserve consideration.

Enter our Felted Wool Pet Products.

I’ve already talked about our Hand Felted Cat Cave, which has proved insanely popular with the humans and the felines. I mentioned our Hand Felted Dog Bone as an excellent interactive toy for dogs and their humans. And now we have these adorable felted toy balls.


felted wool pet product


I really hesitate to call them cat toys or anything else specific, because while our test market loves them (that’s my cat Lady Bird), they can really be used for anything! Their adorable size makes them yes- a perfect cat or small dog toy, but also there are so many possibilities! Fill a glass jar with these small felted wool balls, make a mobile or some garland, even make your own key chain or essential oil diffuser. There really are a multitude of uses for these fun little felted balls. You can find some more inspiration here if you need it.

Our Wool Felted Toy Ball comes in sets, or purchase alone to try it out. They measure approximately 2″ around, but to give you a better idea, here is a photo with a quarter.

felted wool pet product


As far as our felted wool pet products go, we are serving up color, fun, quality and an adorable way to interact with your pet.


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