Favorite Casual Alpaca Sweater: The Weekender

alpaca hoodie


I know we’ve said this before, but for real, this is really our favorite casual alpaca sweater.

scooter alpaca sweater

It’s not called The Weekender for nothing. It has everything you want in a weekend garment: hood, zipper, pockets, warmth and best of all it’s totally comfortable.

Check out this little Gab With Shabby Video where we talk about all of our favorite features. So sorry about the opening screen….what’s up with our faces??

alpaca hoodie

If you hate videos or are watching this on dial up internet, allow me to extol the virtues of our favorite casual alpaca sweater:

  • Perfect for layering, which makes it perfect for all seasons
  • Cool & unique design
  • Perfect for Scooter rides, slope style, errands or just hanging around the house
  • Durable garment! Chris G has had hers for 6 years, she thinks, and it still looks brand new
  • Limited edition! We don’t have a thousand of these, so get yours and flash your unique style all winter long
  • WASHABLE! Hello! This is an alpaca (blend) garment that you can wash. (We never recommend drying and we always advise washing with care. But you can read more about that here
  • Pockets! Hood! Zipper!
  • The alpaca design is the best. You know we love alpacas, so this is a statement piece for us
  • The unique design really does make these a one -of -a -kind garment. These are not mass produced and you’ll never find these at the mall- unless I am at the mall wearing mine

Our favorite casual alpaca sweater is available on our website! Just click the link to make your purchase.

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