Dryer Ball SALE!

dryer ball sale

Update: Sale ended

Dryer Ball sale happening now at Shabby Alpaca!


dryer ball sale

We don’t often do sales, but we decided to go big with this one!

We’ve just gotten in a new product and we want to share it with you. Our newest product is our dryer balls in a drawstring pouch. These make for excellent gift giving.

Our dryer balls come with an instruction sheet that will show you or your recipient how to use our felted wool dryer balls.

We love this new pouch! It’s branded with our Shabby logo (which you must know we LOVE) and it is a nice canvas bag. We love things with multiple uses and we think you can use this little pouch for lots of things. I’ll be carrying my make up brushes in here, but you can put your artist paint brushes in here to paint on-the-go, you can use it to collect all the tiny things on your desk or in your purse. My daughter would love a couple of these for her pencils and other junk she collects (like mother, like daughter!).


dryer ball sale


Our dryer ball sale is on now through May, but we only have a limited supply, so if you want in on this, better order soon!

dryer ball sale

This sale includes our white dryer balls only in sets of 3 in the branded canvas drawstring pouch.



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