Gab With Shabby: DIY Video Studio Set Up

DIY Video Studio Set Up at home!

I’m so totally in over my head with this video thing, but one thing is for sure, I am not a quitter. And since I am not a quitter, you’ll have to bear with me while I teach myself the ropes. Here’s a quick clip of me setting up our DIY video studio. My mom was actually working, but you only see her a few times and at one point she takes a phone call and disappears!! What? What kind of team is this?? Anyway, I also really feel that I must note that there is a point early in the video when it looks like I am grabbing my boobs and I have to assure you that I absolutely was not doing that. I can’t be sure what I was doing, but the motion is strikingly similar to that of a double boob-grab.

Right now, when it comes to video editing, all I can really do is make these fast forwarded videos, which I find strangely addictive and can watch over and over again. Anyone else? Anyway, I’m trying to turn my living room into a DIY video set and it wasn’t easy and it for sure wasn’t perfect! There is so much to think about when setting up a video set! Lighting, background, hot spots, sound…the list goes on.

We did make several videos after I got the “studio” set up, but since I haven’t figured out all the rest of the technical stuff (besides how to speed up the pace on a video and add a song), that’s all we get for now.

Eventually, I’ll be able to put together some actual gabbing instead of us moving at 8x normal speed.


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