Denver Flea Spring Show Recap


This past weekend we set up our Shabby Alpaca pop up boutique at our most FAVORITE event ever. If you haven’t heard about the Denver Flea, it’s a quarterly event held in Denver that is family friendly with live music, pop up shops, food trucks, beer and music. The event has no standard location and until about 2 months before each event, you don’t even know where it will be. We’ve had events in the Rockies parking garage, old warehouses and city parks.

We started doing this event in 2014 and thank God for that because it’s almost impossible to get in as a new vendor now that the Flea has grown so much.

Here are our Top 5 reasons the Flea is so fleaking awesome:


The Flea Team

The folks who plan the Denver Flea are fun, professional, helpful, and complete bad asses when it comes to hosting an event.

Here is the mission of the Denver Flea (copied directly from their site): Denver Flea is committed to elevating creative business in Denver. Our aim is to support locally-based companies as well as folks who build upon Denver’s individual character no matter where they call home. We are a conduit through which businesses reach an interested audience looking to engage with people who celebrate and represent a vibrant Colorado lifestyle.

And let me be clear about our opinion of how they execute their mission- they nail it. The folks who put this event on just get it. They get marketing, they get event hosting, they get how to please vendors and shoppers, and they get the Denver vibe. They’ve tapped into something that many people have no idea how to tap into and in the process of doing that they’ve created a marketplace for local businesses to grow. Win. Win. Win.

Recently, I sent an email to Blake, the event organizer and ended it with, “We love you!” (and I meant it!) (his reply: “love you too!”).  We don’t do any other events where I send love notes to the organizer- I promise.

The Environment

The energy at the Denver Flea is electric. People walking around having fun and all buzzing- either from the free New Belgium beer (one free with ticket purchase) or the excitement of the event. The Flea team has managed to create a whole lingo about the Flea and we’re all drinking the Kool-Aid. Shoppers are FLEAks, things are FLEAking awesome, the countdown to the flea is one, two, FLEA, GO!, and the event is totally FLEAtastic.

The Sales!

Hands down, this is our top event for sales. Nothing we do even comes close to this event. The first event we did was the Holiday Flea in 2014 and it was a record-breaking. Holiday Flea 2015 broke that record by more than 30%. At the 2014 Holiday Flea was when we realized that our business did indeed have potential. The Denver Flea has given us confidence and excitement about our business and that’s amazing! That they can put on an awesome event that encourages us as small business owners??!! Way to go FLEAks!


The Vendors

The Denver Flea is one event where even though they have 200+ vendors, there is no junk! And I don’t mean reclaimed goods or vintage stuff, because they do have a bit of that. What I mean is while everything may not be my style, there isn’t anything that is low quality. There are no granny crafts. Granny crafts have their place and I’m grateful for all the grannies out there who use their hands to create, but this isn’t the place to find those kinds of goods. Here is a complete list of the Spring vendors. The vendors do vary from show to show, but rest assured- we’ll be at every one.


The Shoppers

Sometimes we set up at events where maybe our sales our good, but the people shopping just aren’t in our tribe. The don’t chat and laugh with us, they don’t engage and they don’t really care about our product- they are fine people, but they just don’t….care. Not so with the Denver Flea shoppers. FLEAks are Shabby lovers. This weekend we met Joe (who we will be writing a whole blog about soon- he was so awesome!) who has purchased our socks before and he came back with 10 people just to tell them about our socks, we met an old gal who was in her 60’s who comes to Denver from Florida every year for 4/20, we met another lady whose 46 year old daughter thought she was going through menopause only to find out she was pregnant- she was there to purchase her most beloved surprise granddaughter one of our favorite kids jackets, we met Sev and Libbie bought our favorite alpaca blanket AND bought us a drink! We had so much fun we really didn’t want it to end.

In summary, the FLEA is amazing. We love it and we think most of you Shabby fans will love it, too. If you haven’t been able to check out the Flea, there’s one in June, August and December this year. We hope to see you there!


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