Craft Fair Booth Display

craft booth 10 x 10

A lot has changed with Shabby’s craft fair booth display.

When we first started all we had was some tables. We’d try every kind of container to hold our socks and nothing looked good. So then there were giant grids with socks, which makes an OK display, but it’s a bit generic. Then there was nicer table cloths and tables displayed at a better height. Then there was, “Andy, can you build me a…..”

Here’s a couple shots from the archives so you can see where we’ve come from (left and right).

It’s been an evolution (as everything in our business has been). Now, we have what I think is a pretty great booth. We’ve replaced the giant grids, narrowed it down to one table and had several custom pieces built by my amazing DIY husband.

As I said, we started with what we had and each iteration was an improvement on the last one. We worked with what we had and went from there- and that’s how our business has grown.

One of the ways that we have grown is by aligning ourselves with markets, events and shows where we were almost forced to improve in order to fit in.  By attending events where everyone was a professional and presented themselves professionally, we were forced to either climb the ladder, or stick to grandma craft fairs. There is nothing wrong with a grandma craft fair, but it’s just not our scene.

The Denver Flea has been our cornerstone with this. When we were first vending at the Flea, our booth was pretty ho-hum. Not bad, but not great either. It was the product that drew the sales. Now, with an improved booth- it’s both the product and the presentation.

But check out these photos of our newly updated booth:



How much of an impact do you think presentation has on sales?


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