Hand Dyed Colorful Wool Dryer Balls: {Best Seller Spotlight}

colorful wool dryer balls


wool dryer balls and essential oils

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this in another post, I talk about our Dryer Balls all the time because here at Shabby, we LOVE our dryer balls. They have been a best seller since Shabby’s inception and we are proud of this product.

There is a lot of information about dryer balls on the internet, and many good posts about why replacing your dryer sheets with dryer balls is a healthy and safe alternative.

Here is a quick break down of why we chose Dryer Balls over any fabric softening alternative (sheets or liquid!):

Dryer balls are a much safer alternative to dryer sheets and fabric softeners which are full of chemicals. They last forever, they cut down drying time and they soften your clothes. We don’t claim that they help with static, but taking clothes immediately out of the dryer is a good bet for cutting down on static (the number one cause of laundry static is over-drying clothing). This article is an excellent resource if you want to read more about the “why”.

As dryer balls gain popularity, we feel it is important to let you know what makes ours different.

  1. First of all, we literally guarantee them forever. Forever. Like as long as we are in business, we’ll replace your dryer balls if they don’t last.
  2. Secondly, we hand dye each and every batch of colorful wool dryer balls. Chris G. is our resident dryer ball-dyer and she takes a lot of time and energy on the dying process.
  3. Third, we are truly selling a product we believe in (like everything we sell). Both of us Shabby Girls use dryer balls in our dryers and we stand behind the ability of the product!


Regarding the hand dying that we do- here are just a few pictures of the process. It takes Chris G. many hours to dye a batch of balls and it is done with lots of care and attention.


colorful wool dryer balls


We ensure that our dye is colorfast. That means it will NOT bleed into your laundry and the bright color will last some time, but of course, will fade slightly with many uses.

In short, we work hard to make sure our dryer balls are one of a kind and that is why we sell white, gray and colorful wool dryer balls.

What colors would you like to see in our colorful wool dryer balls? Let us know in the comments, so we can create colors you love!



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