2016 Luxe Collection: Colorful Alpaca Throw

mid century modern living room

shupaca-alpaca-blanket-gardenia shupaca-alpaca-blanket-desert-sand shupaca-alpaca-blanket-vanilla-bean colorful alpaca throwshupaca-alpaca-blanket-modern-onyxcolorful alpaca throwWe are so excited to be including these colorful alpaca throw blankets in our Luxe Collection.

These alpaca throws add pop and pizazz to any room. They come in so many colors, you’ll be able to add one to every room in the house (and we think you might want to!).

As with everything in our Luxe Collection, we have only limited quantities on hand so you’ll need to come early to our markets to get your favorite colorful alpaca throw!


Customer Testimony: Colorful Alpaca Throw

In 2013 I bought a beautiful house that I have admired for years. From top to bottom the house was crumbling and the previous owner had very poor taste- all the walls were painted black! I’ve spent the last three years restoring this house to it’s total potential. I’ve furnished it with beautiful antiques and mid-century modern furniture. To top it all off, I completed my living room with a beautiful throw from Shabby Alpaca. I LOVE this blanket- it is soft, warm and pulls the room together beautifully with it’s simple, elegant design.

-Robert Bass Antique and Jewelry Dealer, Rochester New York



mid century modern living room

P.S. We thought you might want to know so here’s the difference between a throw and a blanket…

Throw: Throws (or throw blankets) are usually smaller in size, a bit more decorative than a regular blanket, easy to drape over couches and chairs and great for lap coverage. Throws are often used in nurseries are great for TV watching and wonderful for people who are constantly cold. They are very versatile.

Blanket: A blanket is usually larger than a throw, sometimes intended for a bed (they are generally created to be bed size) and often intended to cover the entire body. Blankets are also awesome for watching TV and snuggling up with someone.

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