How to Clean Alpaca Fur Items and Stuffed Animals

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How to Clean Alpaca Fur Items

Here at Shabby, we sell all kinds of items that are created with alpaca fur. From our alpaca stuffed animals, to alpaca pelts and alpaca fur pillows we’ve got plenty of furry alpaca items. People often ask how alpaca fur items can be cleaned and we’re here to tell you it’s actually much simpler than you might think.

First of all, alpacas are live animals, which means they get wet and dirty naturally. When you purchase an item created using alpaca, there was once a live alpaca who got wet and dirty. (See our FAQ for where our alpaca fur comes from). At some point, that alpaca had to be cleaned so you could own your beautiful alpaca fur item. Which brings us to today- now you own a beautiful alpaca stuffed animal and it got dirty– don’t freak out!

Here’s some tips on how to clean alpaca fur items without breaking the bank or losing your mind.

  1. Dry cleaning is always an option!  When in doubt or fear- there are professionals who know how to clean items made of natural and synthetic fibers. If you are scared you won’t be able to clean your alpaca fur, head to the dry cleaners and let them take care of it. Be sure you tell them that it is made of alpaca and let them know the value of your item in case it gets destroyed or is not handled properly.
  2. Never, never use hot water  and never, never use agitation. This will cause felting and will destroy your sweater, stuffed animal, pillow or pelt.
  3. Cold water, gentle wash and gentle scrubbing will do the trick!
  4. No Woolite!
  5. Our recommendation is for Euclan No Rinse Delicate Wash. It is inexpensive, smells like heaven and lasts forever because you only use a very small amount each time.clean alpaca fur items
  6. Gentle hair or baby shampoo is a good option if you don’t have any Euclan!
  7. Get the affected item wet with cold water, add some Euclan and wash gently. Allow to air dry and you will have a clean, like- new alpaca fur item!
  8. If you have an area that will never come clean because it is sticky with jelly or something else, go ahead and cut out the fur if it won’t destroy your item.

Check out this Gab With Shabby Presentation on How To Clean Your Alpaca Fur Items. And as always, feel free to send us any questions; we are happy to help!


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