Classic Alpaca Wrist Warmers 100% Alpaca


Classic Alpaca Wrist Warmers

classic alpaca wrist warmers

We love curating soft goods from around the globe, but obviously, we have a special place in our hearts for Peru.

While we would love to go to Peru many times a year and hand pick everything, sometimes we have to rely on other trusted companies to do the curating for us. Classic Alpaca is one such company. We have been a retailer for Classic Alpaca for some time now and we really enjoy our partnership. Classic Alpaca used to sell all of their items both retail and wholesale, and now they are strictly wholesale. They create very, very high quality alpaca goods and we have never been disappointed. We know you will not be either!

Straight out of the Luxe Collection, these Classic Alpaca cable wrist warmers are hand made of 100% alpaca. They are super warm and soft, they fit just right and make a beautiful statement.

These are just the right length, coming just past the wrist; they fit beautifully and are available in many colors.


classic alpaca wrist warmers

Perfect for texting, cold offices and looking super cute all season long.

We love the rainbow of colors available and while we try to order a large variety and enough to last us, we always run out!

Last year at a show we had a woman run up to our booth. She was so distressed because she lost one (ONE! That is the worst!) of her Classic Alpaca wrist warmers while skiing.  She was super excited that we had another pair for her! I just love it when we can meet a need or a desire with our product. We love to bring joy to people and finding the wrist warmers you loved again is surely a joyful experience. (Though, not as joyful as finding that one lost one, I’m sure!)


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