Branding Update + { Gets a Makeover}

Branding update!

Shabby Alpaca started in 2013 when Chris G. moved to Colorado to be with her 3 new grandchildren.
Chris and Celina decided to live out their dream of having a business together.

It was Chris who said, “We need a logo.” And Celina (me) who found the designer on Craigslist for $80. Here is the very first version of our logo circa 2013.


Later, it was me who said, “We need to step up our branding.” So we hired a marketing firm who felt that the most important part of our brand was our logo and suggested that we really needed a new logo. They were absolutely right. This version was born and even several years later, we still think he is fabulous!


branding update shabby alpaca


We loved everything about our new logo and stepped-up branding and spent a few good years with him.

Then, we looked at each other and said, “Who picked purple? I hate purple. And you know what? We really need a new website. Squarespace has been great, but it’s time for a big girl site.” Branding Update take 3.

And our next iteration was born along with our new site!

branding update shabby alpaca

With each step of our updated branding, we’ve changed a little, learned a lot and hired help. And I think those have been the keys to our growth: changing when we need to, learning along the way and hiring the best help we can afford.

We have the girl I found on Craigslist to thank, Mure Media for the second version of our logo, Noelle Mena for our current version and Joel Strayer who helps with all things creative- who have all helped us to become the Shabby Girls we are today.

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