Alpaca Stuffed Chicken One of a Kind Stuffed Animals

stuffed alpaca chicken

One of our all-time favorite items is our alpaca stuffed animals. Alpaca stuffed animals have been a part of our curated selection of goods since almost the very beginning of Shabby Alpaca. Honestly, I kind of feel like we wouldn’t be Shabby Alpaca without them.

One of our favorites is our alpaca stuffed chicken.

alpaca stuffed chicken


Like all of our stuffed animals, our alpaca stuffed chicken is a one of a kind creation created using real alpaca fiber. They are incredibly, amazingly soft and they come in a wide variety of different colors, different patterns and different facial expressions. Our alpaca stuffed chicken makes an excellent one of a kind gift that will last a lifetime.


alpaca stuffed chicken


Our alpaca stuffed chicken measures 12″ tall from foot to comb. They sit on their own with their adorable chicken legs under them and don’t require any food, water, or hay. However, they also do not produce any eggs, so there is that.

One of my best friends bought her chicken-loving son one of these chickens for his birthday several years ago and he still sleeps with it every night. The beauty of our stuffed animals is that they can be easily cleaned. Soon, we’ll be providing a video demo of how to do this properly, but in the meantime, you can check out this blog post for care instructions.

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