Forever Collection: Alpaca Stuffed Animals

alpaca elephant

Alpaca stuffed animals are hands down a best seller here at Shabby Alpaca. It seems that everyone wants some love from a cuddly alpaca stuffed animal.]If you have attended even one of our shows or looked at our Instagram for even a second, then you already know we are OBSESSED with alpaca stuffed animals. When it comes to alpaca stuffed animals, we have an incredible variety and within that variety is even more variety!

In our Shabby Alpaca Forever Collection, you’ll find all of our long-time favorite alpaca stuffed animals. In some ways they don’t need an introduction, but it just doesn’t seem fair to not give them some blog love.

Here’s a quick look at some of our favorite animals. You’ll always find these at shows and markets and at either of our shops, but like I said, there is a LOT of variety. We might have a white horse at one show and a brown horse at the next. You’ll just have to come pick your favorite alpaca stuffed animal (of course, you can always email and we’ll let you pick virtually). Click on any photo to shop for that animal!

The reason these alpaca stuffed animals sell so well is that we have so.many.different.kinds. I’m not even talking about teddy bears– that’s another whole post. We’ve got lions, alpacas, chickens, bunnies, horses and even elephants. These alpaca stuffed animals are handcrafted in Peru by skilled artisans. Every single alpaca stuffed animal is unique. They have different fur colors, different fur types and different eyes making them a truly special, heirloom animal.

These animals make an awesome gift for people who have allergies and can’t have actual pets. They are also excellent for children (or adults!) with high sensory needs because they are so soft and hug-gable.

Our alpaca stuffed animals are not exactly toys. They are fine for older children, but they have so much fur so they are really not made for babies. That being said, they do make an excellent baby shower gift.  We recommend care when it comes to dogs who like to chew….they might fall in love with this animal, too.

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