Alpaca Socks!

classic alpaca socks

When it comes to socks, we just don’t have time to mess around. We are professional sock-sellers, real deal sock lovers and true sock fanatics. Introducing our best selling women’s four season alpaca socks!

Four season is just what it means, these socks are perfect all year round. These socks offer: warmth without weight, softness, they wick away moisture and they don’t retain odors.

Shabby sells LOTS of socks and we actually have a few favorites, but these Suri Paco socks are our long-time favorite. We’ve had a warehouse full of these socks since we started doing business. That might make it sound like we don’t sell a lot of these socks, but indulge me in a story of small business, risk and the love of socks….

When we first started Shabby Alpaca, we knew we needed to sell socks. Chris has been a long time fan of alpaca socks (she can’t even stand cotton anymore!) and she encouraged us to seek out some awesome alpaca socks. We were small, small time, just getting started and we had no money. So….we couldn’t really buy socks.

But Chris, knowing lots of alpaca people, contacted one of her friends in the alpaca sock business. Chris had worked on a project a few years back to produce “Made in the USA from US Alpacas Alpaca Socks”. Lots of alpaca product is made in Peru and this team of people wanted to produce a US made alpaca sock from their own herds of animals. Anyway, Chris had a couple pairs of these socks and she said, “let’s order these.”

When we contacted her friend, she had recently decided that she was just going to close the sock shop and wanted to get rid of all of her socks. Thousands of pairs of socks…and she really wanted to sell all remaining inventory in one sale.  Meanwhile, Shabby Alpaca has never sold a single sock. Chris sold socks in her alpaca days, but I (Celina) probably didn’t even own any alpaca socks at the time (now I have dozens of socks and I’m a true fanatic).

So, as a small business, we took a risk. Chris asked her friend if she would consign the socks to us for a while to us while we established ourselves in business and we agreed that we would buy the socks outright as soon as we had the cash. We went to the mailbox one day and found approximately 10 HUGE boxes of socks. The socks pictured above are our women’s four season and these are our men’s socks. We have a hiker and a business casual sock.

classic alpaca socks

If you want to try out our favorite socks- don’t waste time. Of those 10 HUGE boxes, we’re down to less than 200 pairs of socks. Get these Made in the USA socks on sale now!


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