Alpaca or Llama? What is the difference?

Alpaca or Llama? It can sure be confusing if you haven’t seen them in person.

I used to really not care if people didn’t know the difference between alpacas and llamas, but with the popularity of both animals on the rise, I think it’s good to make a couple clarifications so you can determine if the animal you are seeing is an alpaca or llama.

I try not to let things like confusing two very similar farm animals bother me where there are plenty of problems in the world.

But this meme is the worst. These are not alpacas or llamas and also, there can never be too many cats on the internet. I almost feel like someone created this meme just to pull the wool over our eyes (get it? Wool?). Like whoever did this, they knew these weren’t alpacas. (They are baby sheep- if you are wondering).


alpaca or llama

This is also not an alpaca, even though this lady in Peru tried to tell me that it was. (This was supposed to be a photo, but someone took a video instead.)

To clarify, though, these are alpacas.

This is a llama.



And yes, I think llama drama jokes are funny.

And also alpaca my bags or alpaca picnic, those are funny, too.  So, in that way, llamas and alpacas are similar: they both carry innate humor.

Speaking of carrying- llamas are used for pack animals. Alpacas, not usually.

From carrying to riding- you actually can’t ride either one. So, don’t try that at home.

This image is popular on the internet and spells it out well. Alpacas and llamas are cousins.


alpaca or llama

Source unknown

People come to our booth and confuse our product for llama, which is strange because our name is Shabby Alpaca. Shouldn’t that say it all? Llamas are probably more popular in culture today so maybe that is why. But honestly, you wouldn’t be excited about a llama fur pillow or a llama sweater. Llamas have coarse fleece that doesn’t make a nice end product.

That is the main clarification to make here: alpacas have a much finer, softer and more luxurious fleece. Our products are made from alpaca. Our stuffed animals are made from alpaca fur.

alpaca or llama

Shabby Alpaca Alpaca Stuffed Animals

If you want a guard or pack animal, a llama is the better option.
If you want an animal that produces excellent fiber, get an alpaca.

But if you don’t have a farm or live in the city, don’t get either one. Just get a stuffed alpaca from us or a nice alpaca blanket.

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